Ostrich skin

Ostrich skin is characterized by exceptional strength and durability. It is a wear resistant and when it comes to the impermeability it is much better than crocodile skin. Ostrich skin can completely replace the crocodile skin.

Characteristics of ostrich skin
The basic feature of ostrich skin is the elevated warts, which are mostly on the back of ostriches. According to the accentuation and overall pattern of the wart protrusions, the quality of the skin is evaluated – the more obvious, distinct and dense the pattern is, the higher its price is. You can distinguish its imitations relatively quickly because the wart protrusions are very difficult to imitate. The best skin is from ostriches at the age of 14 months. At that time, the skin is already strong enough, but not worn or damaged yet.

Use of ostrich skin
Ostrich leather is used in the shoe and clothing industry for the production of luxury shoes, bags, briefcases, belts, clothes, wallets, and other accessories. From one adult ostrich you can have up to 1,3 m² of skin that is enough to make three pairs of leather shoes.