Ostrich cosmetics

Ostrich oil extracted from ostrich fat is currently desired raw material in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. Primarily, the cosmetic skin care products are prepared but it also plays an important role in nutrition.

Characteristics of ostrich oil:
– anti-inflammatory
– antibacterial
– protects the organism from microbes
– excellent emulgator
– excellent moisturizer /hydration/
– effective against skin aging: it smoothes wrinkles and prevents the formation of new ones
– effective on wound healing
– low irritation
– natural softener
– increases skin growth activity
– stimulates hair roots, helps their reproduction and growth
– improves the growth and general condition of the nails
– non-comedogenic (does not clog pores and does not form rashes)
– reduces acne production
– intensifies the activity of other drugs, e.g. trichophytic medication
– penetrates the skin barrier and passes through the skin layers
– improves the ability of the skin to resist cold climate´s congealing
– increases the ability of the skin to resist frost
– own remarkable prophylactic and anti-inflammatory immunoregulant
– helps by migraines and has a calming effect on the stomach and digestive system
– reduces bruises, burns, blisters, swellings, and dislocations
– supports faster healing by up to 50%
– reduces LDL cholesterol

Ostrich oil for nutrition
University studies show that more than 70% of fatty acids in oil fall into the range of unsaturated acids. These semi-unsaturated and monosaturated fats result in a reduction of cholesterol in blood. The oil also contents Omega 3,5,6,7, and Omega 9 fatty acids. The human body needs these fatty acids but it cannot produce them themselves, so it must obtain them from food. Ostrich oil contains essential fatty acids, making it rare and indispensable for nutrition.

Ostrich eyes and blood vessels
Eyes and blood vessels of the African ostrich are also used in the pharmaceutical industry. Pharmaceutical companies and research institutes buy ostrich eyes for research to treat cataracts by people. Ostrich blood vessels help by research focused on vascular diseases.

CALENDULA – pštrosia
nechtíková masť 50 ml
11,90 €
Nechtíkový pleťový
krém so pštrosím
olejom 50 ml
9,50 €
Krém na očné viečka
so pštr.olejom 30 ml
9,50 €
Hydratačný krém
so pštr.olejom 50 m
9,50 €
Pleťový krém
a pštr.olejom 50 ml KLASIK
15,90 €
Kaviárový očný
krém 30ml+15ml
19,90 €
24,90 €
Regeneračný krém
na ruky
so pštr.olejom 500 ml
15,60 €
Regeneračný krém
na ruky
so pštr.olejom 100 ml
3,90 €
Masážny krém
s kostihojom, lopúchom
a pštr. olejom 100 ml
4,50 €
Masážny a rehabilitačný
krém MAREK 100 ml
4,50 €
Regeneračné mlieko
s pštr. olejom, ALOE VERA
a kys.hyalurónovou 150 ml
5,90 €
SKIN MAGIC – pleťový
krém 50 ml
13,90 €